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OOPhotoshop | How does Votap provide an All-in-one campaign for a new online shop?


In recent years, leading by some SUPER Protagonists, like Jennie@BlackPink and Taylor Swift film photography has returned and becoming a new vibe among millennials.

O O Photoshop, a new online film shop founded by film enthusiasts from Hong Kong. The founders are trying to advocate the culture of film photography to the digital era generation by selling the film at much more affordable price. With the opportunity of HKGOV released the 2nd round of Consumption Voucher and was also the 300th day of OOPhotoshop, they wanted to conduct a giveaway campaign to promote their shop and study market insight.

Challenges for a new brand

Traditional Giveaway cannot gen leads

Traditional “Like, Comment and Share – Giveaway” campaign has been proven an effective method to increase followers on social media. However, people usually are here just for the prize rather than the product and service provided by the brand. Even more unlikely it could induce audience interest in film photography and drive sales.

Expensive operation cost

With a good prize, a giveaway campaign could easily receive hundreds or thousands of entries from different platforms. It would need a lot of manpower to read all the comments and verify all the entries. Not to mention, they need to manage lots of sales and enquiries every day. It could overload their resources.

Market Insight

As a newcomer, OOPhotoshop is lacking both resource and market insight for procurement and marketing plan. OOPhotoshop wanted to add a market survey to the campaign and collect information about customers’ film choice and interest.

Typical survey services such as SurveyMonkey, Google Form are not design for marketing and social engagement. Their interfaces do not fit for multimedia such as images, and videos. Therefore, normal survey tools is certainly not a good choice for a giveaway campaign related to photography.


Living in a world filled with fraud and conspiracy. It is very challenging for a new online shop like OOPhotoshop to gain followers and trust. Everyone concerns about use and collection their own data. It is very unlikely for people to trust a new shop based only on a their Instagram profile and website, and feel safe to place an order and share their data.

How does Votap solve these problems?

Gamified Campaign

Votap is designed for multimedia, you can add and beautifully display your product image, GIF, video and URL to your cover, choices. We have designed a photo quiz for OOPhotoshop. People needed to correctly pair the film type with the photo to win the price. Not only this would let people know how different films look and also provide a clear impression of OOPhotoshop is a film shop.

Drive sales with instant reward

Votap has an Instant Reward feature, you can add an instant reward (QR code and promote code) and Shop Now button to your feed that could help drive audience to your shop for leads generation. For OOPhotoshop photo quiz, each voter could enjoy a consumption voucher discount and also rewarded an extra Free Delivery promotion code for purchase over HKD 300.

Real-time analysis

Votap provides real-time analysis. OOPhotoshop can download the report anytime to save time for data analytic and manage all the contacts collected.

OOPhotoshop has also enable Hide-Result to prevent sharing the real-time statistic to candidate and ensure a fair game. Only the creator OOPhotoshop could view the data analysis.

Brand awareness

Votap itself is also a social platform, we have promoted OOPhotoshop campaign on Votap home page top banner to gain awareness and conversion.


Revenue +350% & Followers +20%

Comparing a month time before-and-after the campaign. OOPhotoshop web traffic has increased 700 (+49.4%) and increased 350% in revenue. Also, OOPhotoshop has also gained 20% more followers on Instagram.

20% conversion rate

Usual Facebook Ads campaign conversion rate lies between 8-10%. Votap Photo Quiz campaign recorded 19.5% conversion rate, greatly exceeded social media benchmark.

Approved ownership of customer data

Traditional giveaway campaign, audience participates via Facebook and Instagram. According to Facebook and Instagram policy, they would not share users’ info to any 3rd parties. Therefore, customer would need to contact the OOPhotoshop individually via messaging, which would greatly increase the time and cost. By using Votap question, customers’ info and contact are privately protected and only shared to OOPhotoshop.

Among all votes, 92% of participant shared their contact and preference with OOPhotoshop.

These data and contact could be utilized for future promotion campaign and procurement.


This Photo Quiz – Giveaway campaign had exceeded our expectation, not only it has help OOPhotoshop promote their brand, share their vision, and also greatly increased their followers and revenue. It is a good example of how Votap could be a good marketing tool for a new brand to drive sales and collect market insight. Businesses can follow this strategy in using Votap to improve customer engagement, and collect different feedback according to different needs, or persona.

More detals:

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To help you engage with your customer and understand them effectively. We would like to introduce you our “Votap 30 Days Free Trial Experience Program”. Votap is an online customer engagement platform to help you collect real-time customer feedback and boost sales.

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