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Votap 30 Days Free Trial For Market Research and Promotion

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are socially disconnected from our customer. It makes us more difficult to measure our customer satisfaction and understand their needs.

To help you engage with your customer and understand them effectively. We would like to introduce you our “Votap 30 Days Free Trial Experience Program”. Votap is an online customer engagement platform to help you collect real-time customer feedback and boost sales.


1.Votap Business User Account 30 days for free

2.1 Public and 1 Private campaigns*

3.Share and promote on Votap social page

4.Campaign promotion sticker with QR code

5.Data analysis report

*Private campaigns are hidden from Votap website and can only been seen from people who has the link

Successful Examples:

1.Original Cake Shop – Giveaway and Market Research

Votap has helped Original Cake Shop to host a giveaway styled market research campaign. This campaign has helped Original Cake Shop collect customer opinion in new shop location. In addition, Votap has also help them generate new leads, build their customer profile and drive repeated sales more effective than Facebook and Instagram.

2.i.Tasty, i.teeea – Customer Survey at Hong Kong Science Park

i.Tasty and i.teeea have used Votap to collect dozens of feedback directly from customers. From the research, Votap has help them improve their food quality and pricing from providing the feedback and data analysis.

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