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How to drive sales and collect data from a giveaway campaign

Updated: Sep 9, 2021


Original Cake Shop is a Taiwanese bakery with 7 branches in Hong Kong. They used to raise brand awareness and increase followers via “Giveaway” campaign. To increase the ROI beyond increasing followers, we have setup two marketing-survey campaigns to help them collect customer feedback, contact, and drive sales with reward.


Though conducting “Like, Comment and Share - Giveaway” campaign could help Original Cake Shop to increase number of followers quickly, but it also has some shortcomings:

1.Cannot drive sales

With an attractive prize, giveaway is an effective way to increase brand awareness and increase followers. People are here for the prize, so it is very unlikely to drive sales.

2.Difficult to collect opinion and data

“Leave comment” is a typical required actions in giveaway campaign. Since people are here competing for the prize, it is difficult to receive “TRUE” comment and without saying their name is displayed.

3.Expensive operation cost

A successful giveaway campaign could receive hundreds of entries. It would need a lot of resource to read all the comments and manage all the entries.



A 3-in-1 Giveaway campaign: We have collaborated with Original Cake Shop and setup incentive polls to boost brand awareness, collect customer data, and drive sales. Each respondent is rewarded with a discount/gift voucher and a chance to win an air fryer.

1. Social Media for potential customer

To generate leads, Original Cake Shop has created a poll on Votap and shared to their social media to collect opinion from fans and potential customers. Each voter is incentivised with an extra small cake voucher in their next purchase to drive sales.

2. QR Code for shop customer engagement

To engage with loyal customers, Original Cake Shop has created a “Private” poll for shop customer and display as a QR Code at the cashier. Shop customers are invited to scan the code and vote to share their opinion. To encourage shop customers to purchase and spend more, each voter is incentivised with $10 discount.

3. Real-time reporting

Votap provides real-time data analysis, Original Cake Shop can review the statistic and download data anytime. This greatly reduced the time to handle data and manage all the contacts for lucky draw.




Received 370+ responses

In about one month time, Original Cake Shop has received more than 370 responses. The feedback collected has provided a good reference for developing new flavor and picking a new shop location.

70% of respondents share their contact

Original Cake Shop is collecting customer contact for future marketing purposes. They can offer personalized coupons or discounts to drive repeat sales. And they can inform their customers for new product or shop announcement.

Approved ownership of customer data

In the previous giveaway campaign, audience is engaged via Facebook and Instagram. According to Facebook and Instagram policy, they would not share users’ info. Also, audience would not share their contact and data in the public comment section. By using Votap Open-end question, audiences’ info and contact are privately protected and only shared to Original Cake Shop.

With these data, Original Cake Shop can build their customer profile and database to develop new product and promotion campaign.


This Votap – Giveaway campaign has exceeded expectation and overcome the shortcomings of giveaway campaign. It helped Original Cake Shop to generate new leads, build their customer profile and drive repeated sales. It is a good example of how Votap could be an all-rounded customer engagement platform to improve marketing, customer relationship, and revenue outcomes. Businesses can follow this strategy in using Votap to improve customer engagement, and collect different feedback according to different touch point, location or persona.



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