Votap , an opinion sharing platform aims to replace the need for conducting online research, analysing traditional surveys, or even having face-to-face conversations. 

With Votap, everyone has a platform to voice their opinions across a range of diverse, digital content. Finding out what people truly think about a product or service has never been more immediate. Vote for the future of influential decision-making with Votap.

What is Votap?


How do we do differently?

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Easy To Use

Votap is easy to use. With a few clicks, you can share your question to the world in Votap. You can also share your poll to your friends and family through other social media.

Find The Right Ideas

Votap has more than 12 topics, from Business to Movie. Explore in Votap now and you will find your topic. 

As you create poll and vote, you’ll get personalized recommendations from users all around the world.

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Votap provides different poll types: Classic Voting, Ranking and Rating.

To let the audience have a better understanding about your question and choices, you may also add images and website link to the poll .


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