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Connect everyone & Collect ideas

We provide REAL-TIME customer engagement solution to help you promote your business and collect opinion from your customers

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From Marketing Campaign to Payment

Connect every touch-point of your customer journey

Connect every channels and gather all the data into one database. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • shop
  • summer-sale

Customer Journey Tracking


Real-time Customer Insight


Sales and loyalty

Understand your customer journey and needs to improve your marketing strategy, product and solution.

Therapy Session

Market Survey

Collect opinion from thousand audiences

We provide both online and offline market survey to help you collect real-time customer feedback both at your shop and from social media.

Digital Marketing

Increase sale via interacting with thousands of audience online

  • Social page handling

  • Content design and copywriting

  • Ads campaign setup and management



An ultimate platform to help you collect real-time customers feedback and increase sales

Votap is designed to speed up the research and decision-making process. Our social media design replaces the need for conducting online research, analysing traditional surveys, or even having face-to-face conversations. With Votap, finding out what people truly think about a product or service has never been more immediate.

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