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Votap New Create Poll Design Launched

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Since we have launched the new version of Votap in March 2021, thank you for all your support and giving us feedback. Recently we have updated the “Create Poll” design to make it simpler and smoother.

One Page Design

We combine the Question Page and Answer Page into a single page. Now you can quickly input and review your question and answer together.

New Position of Category and Status

The Category and Status buttons are moved from below the cover to the top of the page.

Combine Text and Image

In this new design, you no longer need choose between image or text answer. You can flexibly mix with image and text choices.

Quick Review

This new one page design has simplified the questionnaire review process. You can switch between different question tabs to review your questions and answers.

This update is in response to the request of simplifying the create poll / questionnaire process. We would like to hear more from you and welcome any feedback and suggestion to make Votap a better platform. Thank you.

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