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Votap Special Offer to HKTDC Exhibitor

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Since the Covid-19 outbreak last year, the HKTDC has suspended their activities or converted into virtual events. This summer we are happy to know that the HKTDC is returned. Exhibition has always been the best venue to promote your product / service, to reach your customers and to feel their reaction. However, you may not have enough resources and find it difficult to:

  1. Interview or engage with every visitor

  2. Collect contact for remarketing

  3. Drive repeating sales

To help you elaborate this opportunity we are offering a Special Votap Customer Engagement Package to all HKTDC exhibitors.

With Votap special feature we can help you in:

Lead generation

Collect Real-time and

Accurate feedback

Drive sales and

customer retention

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Package includes:

  1. Votap business account

  2. Setup a poll or survey campaign
    (i) Up to 15 questions
    (ii) Includes image and copywriting design
    (ii) Unlimited responses

  3. Analytic report

Extra Service

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