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Promote and collect feedback with Votap personalized survey – HKTDC Learn & Teaching Expo 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Exhibition is always one of the best event to meet your potential clients, generate new leads and understand their needs. Last year in 2021, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporates (HKSTP) has led 12 STEM startups1 and exhibited at the HKTDC Learn & Teaching Expo 2021. We were honored to provide service and support for them to collect industry opinion of their services and STEM prospects of Hong Kong.

We helped the HKSTP and the 12 startups designed and setup questionnaires; and also provided the promotion material for visitors to complete the survey more easily.

【From Growgreen Limited】


Votap Uniqueness

Different from traditional survey tools, which are boring and non-interactive. Votap flexible and interactive user interface allows companies to showcase their own characters and uniqueness. Hence, to promote more interaction and leave a greater impression.

1. Interactive as STEM education should be

1.It is common practice to conduct market research in an exhibition. Typically, we will use Google Form or SurveyMonkey (now called or “Paper and Pen”. They have been proven to be a great tool with good features and user friendly. But they also give us an impression of BORING. In opposite, Votap social media like interface and interactive experience is a more compatible with STEM education, which is mean to be fun, interactive, and inspiring.

2. Characterized with image and video

Votap user interface is designed to be compatible with image, video, and URL. You can enrich your questionnaire yet and make it simpler to understand by adding images and YouTube video to your questions and choices.

The InspireLab has added an introduction video at the beginning of the questionnaire. Visitors can be easier to understand their service and save time from reading paragraphs.

【From InspireLab】

3. Drive sales with instant reward

Commonly companies will provide incentive such as souvenir, voucher etc, to increase the fill-in conversion rate. Usually for Google Form and SurveyMonkey or other online survey tools they will share the e-voucher to the audience with email, and that email is usually go into the junk mailbox. To avoid this issue, after visitors completing the survey Votap will pop-up the reward immediately to let the visitors to know what they have got and encourage them to purchase. Visitors can capture the screenshot to save the reward or simply register as a Votap user to save all their rewards in their account.

This time at Learn and Teach Expo 2021, startups have added special discount of their service to their survey to encourage more visitors to fill the survey and promote their business. For example, Gentle Kids and Aerosim have designed an exclusive offer for their audience.

【From Gentle Kids Limited & AEROSIM】




During these 3 days in the Learn and Teach Expo 2021, we have help the HKSTP and the 12 startups collected feedbacks from about 200 people. These feedbacks have helped them understand the STEM education market needs and the responses of their products and services. Votap characterized and incentivized survey has also help them give a great impression and promotion.

Votap now is offering a 30 days free trial plan to let you experience how Votap gamified and incentivized poll / questionnaire could help you understand your customers and boost sales.




AI Motion Sports Limited

Gabi Education Limited

Gentle Kids Limited 小君子有限公司

Growgreen Limited

Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology Ltd.

Impacts Technology Limited

InspireLab Limited


m-Chinese Solution Limited



To help you engage with your customer and understand them effectively. We would like to introduce you our “Votap 30 Days Free Trial Experience Program”. Votap is an online customer engagement platform to help you collect real-time customer feedback and boost sales.

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