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Green Ladies & Green Little: Gain loyalty and raise staff morale with election

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Votap - An omni-channel tool for customer engagement: “Best Performance Branch and Staff Election”


Green Ladies & Green Little is a Hong Kong social eco enterprise, which sells high quality secondhand women clothing and accessories. In April 2021, we have collaborated with Green Ladies to host a “Best Performance Branch and Staff Election” campaign to evaluate their shop location, service quality and to praise their excellent staffs for a year of hard work.


Green Ladies has 3 shops and more than 50 staffs. Since it was their first election activity, to ensure the election would run smoothly, and collect as many responses.

They wanted the polling tool to be:

1. Easy to share both on social media and at the stores

2. Easy to use and fits their fashionable image

3. Supportive for real-time data analysis and reporting



Social Media and Email

Green Ladies shared the campaign to their members and followers via Facebook, Instagram and Email.

QR Code

At the stores, customers were invited to scan the campaign QR code on the poster, which was displayed at the cashier, door front and wall.

Easy-to-use UI

Votap’s social media and dark theme design matches with Green Ladies style to beautifully display their shop photos and for their customers to vote easily.


Votap scheduling function started and ended the election precisely that ensured the election result is fair and accurate.


Votap real-time polling result display minimised the time and manning from votes counting and data analysis.




From 1st April 2021 to 14th April 2021, Green Ladies has received total more than 1,300 votes. This result exceeds their expectation and proves their customers enjoy their services.

This campaign well demonstrated customers are happy to share their feedback to help company improves. It also shows the potential of Votap as an omni-channel tool to improve customer engagement and collect feedback to better understand customer behaviour and preference.


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