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Enhance wine tasting experience and interaction with Votap

Updated: Jan 18, 2022


Commonly in wine tasting event, people are scattered and focus on drinking their own wine. It is difficult for the organizer to interact with audience. Lately, The Journey of Tongue has used Votap to engage with audience in their wine tasting event and improve the overall tasting experience.



The Journey of Tongue warmed up the event with interesting wine quizzes to gain audience attention and encourage them to exchange ideas. It also helps the speaker simplifies the process to evaluate the audience knowledge of wine.


Votap instant result keeps audience attention and also suggest them to compare their tasting note. It brings more fun to the event and enrich their experience.

3.Live interaction

Votap instant result also helps the speaker gain the audience insight. The Journey of Tongue uses Open-end questions to seamlessly collect audience questions and respond accordingly.

4.Gather and use the feedback

The Journey of Tongue uses Votap to instantly collect tasting notes and preference from audience right after each tasting. This real-time feedback provides accurate data and reliable reference to improve future promotion and event.



Tony Ho from The Journey of Tongue acknowledges Votap has brought new experience to wine tasting and increased audience interaction. Votap polling can help you warm up the event and interact with all audience in real-time. It also empowers you to quickly understand audience preference and behavior. Furthermore, you may also drive sales with Votap instant reward feature.


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