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逆流而上 -Learning in the Face of Adversity


感謝Leo邀請我加入OOP這個家庭,讓我可以成為這個出色團隊的一員;感謝Michael於實習工作上給予很多支持和指導。 儘管疫情為我們帶來許多挑戰,但亦給予我們團結的機會,一同克服障礙,非常感謝OOP!

- Billy Chak,香港浸會大學三年級學生

"With the pandemic, this internship opportunity has definitely been a different experience compared to stories I’ve heard from my seniors. Even though I am not a marketing major, I have been given visibility into the inner workings and various aspects of life in the marketing campaign and native app development. This has helped me build my confidence in embarking on my career in the IT industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leo for welcoming me to the OOP family, and particularly this brilliant team. Michael has also guided me through my internship journey. Even though the pandemic has brought us numerous challenges, we have worked together in overcoming such obstacles. All in all, thank you OOP!"

- Billy Chak, Year 3 student, Hong Kong Baptist University

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