A Brand-New Online Opinion Sharing and Collection Platform

To ease the hefty burden regarding target audience opinion collection and data analysis borne by the organization, Votap provides a brand-new market research solution for organizations to obtain target audience opinion reports in an easy way and at the same time to elevate the exposure of the brand, product and service. 

By using Votap, both organizations and individuals can quickly create and publish questions in order to collect target audiences’ opinions and ultimately solve their problems from daily to commercial basis.

Question publisher can obtain real-time survey result anytime and anywhere. Votap provides an easy-to-read opinion report, which could help to have a good insight of their target audiences instantly to formulate corresponding strategy and take action.

V Point

Votap Business Users can decide whether using Business User Exclusive Feature: “Sponsored Question” or “Survey Mode”  when creating question. If they chose to use the aforementioned functions, they need V Point.

Business Users can decide for each question how many V Points in total they would like to deliver to all the Votap Members who have voted for that question. They can also decide how many V Points each Votap Members could obtain after the vote. This helps to encourage Votap Members to vote more actively.

Business Users can purchase V Points from Votap according to their needs. Votap Members can choose to vote for any question according to their will and obtain V Points after voting for specific questions.

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V Market

Votap Business Users can apply for placing their products or services on V Market for Votap Members to redeem by V Points. This helps to elevate the exposure of the brand and attract Votap Members to become the Business Users’ customers.


Votap Members can redeem gifts placed on V Market after collecting a specific amount of V Points.

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