Marketing Research

Price HKD 1,000 - 2,000

Collect target audiences’ opinions on the Brand, Product or Service


  1. Survey content design

  2. Conduct survey: 14 days, 50-100 responses

  3. Survey report

Customised Marketing Services

Creative Thoughts

Marketing Research & Promotion

Price HKD 500 - 1,000

Promotion of Brand and Product while collecting feedback


  1. Survey content design

  2. Conduct survey on Votap

  3. Promote the survey on social media (Facebook & Instagram)

  4. 7 days, 50-100 responses

  5. Survey report

At the Supermarket

Votap Marketplace

Price Free

Elevate the exposure of the brand, products or services and attract Votap Members to become the Business Users’ customers


  1. ​Product or Service placement on Votap V Market

  2. Votap user can redeem (purchase) the product or service with V Point


Note: All products and services placed on V Market must comply with all applicable Hong Kong laws and regulations. O O Possibility Limited reserves the right of final decision on the status amendment of the product or service placement on V Market