Votap's Unique and Flexible Design helps Organizations Quickly Collect Target Audiences’ Opinions

Create and Publish Question in an Easy Way
User can create and publish a question within 1 minute


Multiple Voting Methods
Supports multiple voting methods including Pick One, Ranking and Scoring


Pre-schedule Voting Time Limit
Users can pre-schedule voting time limit, therefore, need not worry about forgetting to log in to the platform and influence the survey result


Obtain Real-time Survey Result
Question Publisher can check the real-time survey result within the voting period anytime and anywhere


Stimulate users’ interactions
The Comment Function provides a channel for users to communicate, share opinions and discuss with each other


Share questions quickly
The One-Click Question Sharing Function helps users to share the question hyperlink with target audiences via channels like email, instant messaging software and social media


Diverse Question Categories
Offers over 12 different question categories, including Hong Kong, Entertainment, Relationship, Lifestyle, Funny, Food and Drinks, Technology, Animation, Game and Sports etc. This helps users to quickly find out questions they are interested in and vote


Private Question Mode
Users can activate Private Question Mode when creating a question in order to limit who can see the question and vote