Business User

Business User Exclusive Features
Enterprises or Organizations can apply for “Business User Membership” for free and obtain a “Business User” badge and unlock Business User Exclusive Features after verification

Limited Time Offer
Enterprises or Organizations which have successfully registered as “Business User” can immediately obtain 500 V Points as a welcome gift
Promotion Period: Until 28 February 2021

1. Create “Sponsored Question”

Creating “Sponsored Question” means Business Users can decide for each question how many V Points in total they would like to deliver to all the Votap Members who have voted for that question. They can also decide how many V Points each Votap Members could obtain after the vote. This helps to encourage Votap Members to vote more actively.

Votap Members can redeem gifts placed on V Market after collecting a specific amount of V Points

As Business Users will only offer a limited amount of V Points for each question and the points were obtained by Votap Members on a first-come-first-serve basis, the mechanism of vote to obtain V Points and redeem the points for gifts can help Business Users to get their target number of votes in a short period of time

2. Activate “Survey Mode”

Activating “Survey Mode” means Business Users can decide not to publish the survey result on Votap platform and the result can only be checked by the question publisher

3. Purchasing V Points to
Publish Specific Kinds of Questions

Business Users can purchase V Point for creating “Sponsored Question” or activating "Survey Mode"

4. Apply for placing product or
    service on V Market.

Business Users can apply for placing products or services on V Market for Votap Members to redeem with V Point. This helps to elevate the exposure of the brand, products or services and attract Votap Members to become the Business Users’ customers


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